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If you are on this page, we’d like to thank you for your interest! If you’d like to enter the Scottish Passenger Transport Awards as a business owner, or you would like to nominate someone else who’s deserving of an award, the registration process is easy.  Enter your details below, select your category, and we will be in touch to confirm your registration and next steps.

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This award recognises the hard work that your business puts in to focusing on your marketing approach. Whether it’s that your business has come up with a new/affective idea or your marketing has helped to make your business well established, we want to hear it! Be sure to leave your entry below as this award is judged by our panel of judges
If your Passenger Transportation company is a family business, this is the right award for you to enter. This may be that a family member founded the business and passed it through generations – or that a number of family members work within the business. Make sure your entry is left below for our judges to judge this award.
This award is for those business that transport customers in their chauffeur drive vehicle’s. Your entry could include the types of vehicles you offer as well as the services, let us know what these are within your entry box!
This award is to recognise the company which best represents/advertises their business through a uniform. Upload a photograph of the uniform your employees wear, our judges will be looking out for creativity, colour schemes and any other new marketing ideas.
This award is for these who have joined the Scottish passenger transport industry within the last 18 months – your description below may outline how much of an impact you have made to the Scottish Passenger transport industry within this period of time.
This award is for those who have an exceptional website set up for their business, are successful in getting customers to use their webpage eg. for online booking. Be sure to leave you’re your entry below for our judges
If your business does its bit to help the environment, this is the award for you. From electrical vehicles to recycling – we want to hear what it is that you do, make sure to leave your entry in the box below to enter this award.
If your business helps out with those in the local community in the form of charitable work/created close connections which helps your business – be sure to include your entry below to enter this award
We want to know what it is that your business does to provide excellent customer service. Whether it’s that you have great telephonists or office staff to make customers experience as positive as possible, or that your drivers provide great customer experience – be sure to leave your entry below for the panel of judges.
If yourself or someone else within your business has made a significant achievement personally, or for the business – this award is one for you to enter. This could be anything from creating a positive change or doing something special – please leave your entry below for our judges

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